Roadmap To The Academy

First, learn all you can:

Next, start getting in shape:

Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA) is required.  The demands of athletic performance at high altitude demand you prepare now to be in the best shape.  Additionally, you’ll need to complete the CFA as part of your application process…start practicing it now.

Be a Leader:

Being a member of a group is good, being the leader is great, but making a positive difference in that position (demonstrated leadership) is what we are looking for. Earn a leadership position in a few groups vs being a member of all of them.

Study Hard:

The Academy is extremely academically competitive. View the Academy recommended preparatory courses. Approximately 60% of your acceptance is dependent on your studies. See the SAT portion. Visit LocalProBook.

Take a Physical Exam –

The Department of Defense Medical Evaluation Review Board will schedule you for a physical. You can visit the site for more information and also check your status online.  Learn more here DoDMERB

Take the SAT and/or ACT

Test score for entry to the USAF Academy vary, but on this page, you will find the historical average scores.

Prep for these tests and take them early…you may choose to take them more than once.

Learn more SAT/ACT (click here).

Find Your Nomination Sources

A nomination is required for entrance to the Academy.
There are several sources of nominations, but the most accessible is the congressional nomination.
Follow this link for general and then Georgia specific nomination information.

Apply to USAFA Online

Nothing will happen until you start your application online (click here).
You can call and talk to people all you want, but start that application now.
This gives the Academy information to contact you and send you grade level appropriate information. Click here to apply.