Do I Have to Take the SAT or ACT?

The Air Force Academy uses standardized tests such as the Scholastic Ability Test (SAT) and the ACT to help judge how a student might perform in the academically-challenging environment at the Air Force Academy. For this reason, all students must take at least one of these tests and report their scores to the Air Force Academy to be considered for an appointment.

The following considerations are important to keep in mind:

  • Test scores can be provided directly to the Academy by the testing organization, or reported via official high school transcript. Scores reported to the Air Force Academy are not reported to AFROTC or vice versa.
  • The Air Force Academy’s educational code for reporting scores is 4830 for the College Board (SAT). The code for the ACT is 0530.
  • Test scores can be updated until mid-March of the senior year, but scores of tests taken after February usually do not arrive in time to be included in the student’s record.
  • Scores from the ACT and SAT will not be combined. However:
    • Whichever test (SAT or ACT) provides the highest score will be used.
    • The highest individual score from different testing dates will be used. 1
    • ACT subtest scores are used, not the composite score.
  • Juniors applying to the Summer Scientific Seminar must take the PSAT, SAT, PLAN, or ACT no later than December of their junior year.

Note: USAFA and the AFROTC scholarship program will use the highest scores on any given test date. Scores from separate testing dates are not intermixed.

For test dates, fees, registration and other information regarding these standardized tests, visit the organization’s web sites:

ACT Home Page

SAT Home Page

Find Your School’s ETS Code Here

The average scores for entering cadets are as follows:

Score Mid 50% Range Average
ACT English 26-30 28
ACT Math 27-31 30
ACT Reading 27-32 29
Science Reasoning 26-32 29
SAT Verbal 580-670 623
SAT Math 610-690 650