Be an ALO

Welcome to the Admissions Liaison Officers of Georgia Application Section

Thank you for your interest in the Georgia Admissions Liaison Officer (ALO) program.  This section is designed to assist you in applying for a position with our organization.

Below are the links you will need to complete the application process.  Please open the ALO application checklist and follow the steps appropriate for the position for which you are applying, either Primary Duty or Additional Duty.

Primary Duty ALO serves the military only in the capacity as a Category E (non-paid, points only) USAF Reservist as a member of the Participating Individual Ready Reserve (PIRR).

An Additional Duty ALO serves in a Traditional Guard/Reserve or Active Duty Air Force billet yet still performs duties as an ALO to accrue additional, non-paid points towards retirement.

Fulfill all the requirements in the checklist for the position you desire.  Then scan and compress (zip) the files in .pdf format and email them to  Prior to submitting your package please read the “common error and questions” section below.

After I have reviewed your package for accuracy I will forward it to the Liaison Director (LOD) for his/her review.  The LOD will call you to schedule a face-to-face interview prior to processing your package through AFRC.  This process can take in excess of two months.

If you have any questions please contact me at the above email address. I look forward to receiving your application.

Joe Zingaro, Major, Georgia ANG
Georgia ALO Recruiting Officer

Some common errors and questions:

AF Form 1288:

  • The TO Block and Block 16 are to read: 9001st Air Reserve Squadron, Denver, CO 80280
  • ONLY Traditional Reservists or IMAs are required to submit a “paper” 1288 (signed, scanned and emailed with the whole package).  All others (Active Duty AF, ANG, IRR) will have to process through a recruiter.

ALO Agreement of understanding:

  • You must initial the blocks, do not just check them!
  • Please place a date next to the LODs signature block.  The date you sign the form yourself is fine for the LODs date, as well.

Due to the excerpt below from a policy directive we can only accept applications for Primary Duty ALOs from line officers (no medical, dental, etc).  Your current AFSC must be line.  For example, if you were a line officer previously and then went to medical school and currently serve as a physician, you are not eligible.

In addition to AFI guidance, LODs will also adhere to the following guidelines when hiring Primary Duty ALOs:

  • Projected hire is not in the grade of, or selected for, O-6 or higher.
  • Projected hire is not within 2-years of retirement eligibility.
  • Projected hire has not been passed over for promotion.
  • Projected hire has not been in S7 status (IRR) for more than 2-years. For those individuals gained from the IRR in a non-mission ready status have 3-months from the date they are gained to become mission ready or be returned to the IRR
  • Project hire is an Air Force line officer.