Welcome to the Georgia Air Force Admissions Liaison Officer website and thank you for your interest in serving your country as an officer in the United States Air Force.

This site is dedicated to introducing you to the admissions process at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) and the Air Force Reserve Officer’s Corps (AFROTC).

The links above will help guide you through an understanding of the programs and their entrance requirements, help you meet with an Air Force Admissions Liaison Officer, find your congressional representatives, and even allow you to apply online.

Visit our News and Notes to see any recent changes in the programs and to learn about current local events for USAFA and AFROTC.

The three major paths to become an officer are:

  1. United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)
  2. Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC – in college)
  3. Officer Training School (OTS – after college)

This site will help you find the resources necessary to prepare for admission to the Air Force Academy or ROTC. Your Admissions Liaison Officer (ALO) will assist you with your journey to become an Air Force Officer.  Any journey begins with the first step and your journey begins now.

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We have a network of Air Force Admissions Liaison Officers serving all of Georgia waiting to help you realize your dream of becoming an Air Force Officer.

Each Admissions Liaison Officer (ALO) is assigned a geographical area with it’s associated schools to serve.

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